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“Expedition to Greenland” film recognised at Washington film festival

The documentary is promoted by the Diario de Avisos Foundation and alerts of the consequences of climate change on the planet

The documentary called “Expedition to Greenland: a Journey to the Centre of Climate Change” was named a finalist at the Our Heritage Film Festival, which specialises in environment-related productions. The event was held in Washington, capital of the United States, and counts in this year’s edition with more than a thousand films, among which only a dozen converted into finalists.

The film narrates a journey of three researchers from the Canary Islands to the distant frozen island of Greenland, with the aim of confirming the irreversible effects that climate change is having on the planet. The experiences and efforts carried out by Antonio López, Vicente Castro and Pedro Millán, the three expedition members who took part in this extreme scientific adventure have been captured and narrated in this documentary that counts with a promotion by the Diario de Avisos Foundation. Moreover, the project also counts with the collaboration of the Department of Ecological Transition, Fight against Climate Change and Territorial Planning of the Government of the Canary Islands.

The film was presented in the Ocean & Waterways section of the Festival and impacted the critics with the striking images and quality of its content. Among other aspects, it was recognised for its intention to bring closer to the public the reality of Greenland nowadays with respect to the radical changes that climate change is causing on this polar island, the effects of which can already be seen all over the globe.

The documentary will continue to participate in different festivals and specialised contests, while also be broadcast by national and international television stations. In particular, the documentary will soon be available in the Canary Islands by the Atlantico Television. The distribution and promotion of the film forms part of the efforts of the Diario de Avisos Foundation in raising awareness about the environmental problems of the planet and the fight against climate change.

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