Canary Islands airports expect 23,310 flights over the Christmas holidays

Aena reports a total of 23,310 flights over the seasonal holidays, with 889 flights on 25 December and 1,302 and 1,048 flights on 31 December and 1 January, respectively.

The Christmas time can be a very busy period, especially if we are talking about a popular travel destination such as the Canary Islands.

Thus, as it was announced in a statement by Aena, a state-owned airport operator, the eight airports of the islands count with a schedule of 23,310 flights for the Christmas holiday period, specifically from Thursday 22 December until Tuesday 10 January.

Of the more than 23,300 flights that will connect the islands, 11,489 will be domestic and the rest, 11,821, international operations.

At the end of the year, on 31 December the Canary Islands will have 1,302 operations – 520 domestic and 782 international – and on 1 January there will be 1,048 flights – 478 domestic and 570 international.

Finally, on 5 January, on the eve of the traditional Three Kings’ Day, there will be 1,084 flights on the islands – 474 domestic and 610 international – and on 6 January there will be 1,050 operations – 485 domestic and 565 international.

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