Tenerife welcomed over 400 journalists and writers in 2022

Over 400 national and international media professionals visited Tenerife in 2022 to explore its touristic attractions.

Visitors from countries such as Germany, the United States and Japan had an opportunity to explore the tourist appeal of the destination in order to later promote it on television programmes, digital multimedia platforms or in the press.

As reports the Insular Council of Tenerife, its Tourism Board organized and carried out 45 press trips in 2022, in which participated a total of 403 media professionals.

Divided by nationality, national journalists top the list (168), followed by those from the United Kingdom (141), the United States (40), Germany (18) and the Benelux countries (17). Moreover, the island also received professionals from other countries such as Italy, Sweden, India, Japan and Korea.

At the national level, the press trip by the Minube travel platform, which has 87 million visits a year and which recorded the island’s main attractions, was particularly noteworthy. Tenerife Tourism Board also organised press trips with important national lifestyle media, with participants such as Neo2, La Vanguardia Magazine, Vogue and El Mundo Viajes.

With regard to international media, the British Guild of Travel Writers held its annual convention in Tenerife, which counted with the attendance from its multiple members, including such media outlets as The Telegraph, The Guardian and the Conde Nast group.

Another action of relevance was carried out with Global Child, from the United States, with the aim of promoting the direct flight between New York and Tenerife. A programme recorded as a result will be broadcasted not only in North America, but also in Latin America, Asia and Australia. Global Child counts with more than 14 million unique viewers and a potential global reach of more than 780 million people through the different Internet platforms, television channels and airlines.

RonReizen, a multimedia platform from the Netherlands, filmed the attractions of the popular tourist destination for a 25-minute programme; while the TV channel Asahi Tabi Salad, one of Japan’s most popular travel programmes) recorded an episode on the island as part of a series dedicated to the National Parks of the Canary Islands.

The Insultar Council of Tenerife emphasised that press trips are key elements in a communication approach to the promotion of tourist destinations and that they form an integral part of the Council’s global communication strategy and the new marketing plan. As stated by the Tenerife Tourism Board, the results have been very positive and can already be noted in the diversity of countries the travellers come from, as well as in the increase of the average spending per person.

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