The Government of the Canary Islands describes 2022 as “the best year” for employment in history

The regional Ministry of Labour reports historic decrease of unemployment in the Canary Islands

The Ministry for Labour and Employment of the Canary Islands Government appraised the past year as “the best year in the labour market in the history of the autonomous community”.

Thus, as far as the unemployment for December is concerned, there was a decrease of 1.68% (3,124 fewer people) as compared to November and 9.69% (19,659 fewer) over the course of 2022 to a total of 183,160 unemployed people in the archipelago. In addition, there was a 5.2% increase in Social Security enrolment, which represents the biggest growth in Spain in 2022, to a new high of 875,573 workers in the Social Security system.

Therefore, in December 2022, the islands were able to maintain the positive trend that has been observed during the entire year, with the exception of July. Furthermore, it was possible to close the year not only below the unemployment levels of the beginning of the current legislature (202,683 people in June 2019) and of the pandemic (227,634 people in January 2020), but even of the period prior to the financial crisis (139,081 in December 2007).

The Ministry of Employment concluded that “despite the economic uncertainties caused by external variables, with all due caution, the positive forecasts for 2023 are being maintained, i.e. there will be a favourable trend but not as progressive as in the past year”.

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