The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife gears up to receive more than 8,000 cruise passengers in January

The capital of Tenerife is expecting 40 cruise ship stopovers in January.

The Ports of Tenerife appear to be starting the new year 2023 with great amount of maritime activities. According to their statement, the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is already preparing to receive more than forty cruise ships’ stopovers planned in the month of January.

Thus, on 11 January, four spectacular cruise ships will visit the capital of Tenerife, the Marella Explorer, Arvia, Aurora and Bolette, from which a total of 8,882 cruise passengers will disembark.

As for their routes, the Marella Explorer will arrive in the capital with 1,880 passengers from the port of La Luz. This vessel, sailing under the Maltese flag and measuring 263 metres in length, will set sail tomorrow night for Lanzarote.

Furthermore, the cruise ship Arvia, with its port of origin in Southampton, is 344 metres in length and flagged to the United Kingdom, and will set sail on 11 January from the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Philipsburg with 4,400 cruise passengers.

In the meantime, the cruise ship Bolette, 237 metres long and flying the Bahamas flag, will arrive from Gran Canaria. It will then depart the capital of Tenerife with 824 passengers bound for San Sebastián de la Gomera.

The last of the cruise ships to visit the port on 11 January will be the Aurora, 270 metres long, flying the Bermuda flag and home port of Southampton. It will also leave the port in the afternoon with 1,778 cruise passengers bound for Mindelo.

It is also worth highlighting a particularly large influx of tourists is expected on Friday 27 January with the arrival of five cruise ships in the capital: the Azura, the AIDAbella, the Mein Schiff, the Borealis and La Belle des Oceans.

Overall, Ports of Tenerife has 573 stops scheduled in its ports for 2023, of which 313 will occur at the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This programme will assure a boost in port operations due to the increase of a demand for services such as provisioning or bunkering, among others.

In turn, the City Hall of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife wanted to take the opportunity to describe these developments as indicative of the growing tourist attraction of the capital, and stresses the importance of its economic sectors – especially commerce and restaurants – ” to make the most of this opportunity.” In addition, the City Hall has set up a free daily tourist route so that cruise passengers can get to know the city in a few hours.

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