CanarianMarket, the best Canarian products just a click away

The official marketplace of the Canary Islands offers the most popular products of the archipelago's gastronomy from a single place and distributes them to the rest of Spain and Europe.

Many rightly call the archipelago of the Canary Islands an authentic paradise, and its gastronomy, among its many other features, with its typical products is highly popular among both the travellers and the people living in this region.

Of course it is normally not possible to enjoy these delicacies if you are outside of the Canaries, but this is no longer the case. And it is thanks to CanarianMarket, a unique online shop where more than fifty local producers offer all kinds of products, from drinks and sweets to cosmetics, including, of course, the specialities that have elevated the Canarian cuisine such as gofio (Canarian flour made from roasted grains), almogrote (cured cheese spread) or “mojo” sauces, one of the definite stars of the Canary Islands’ cuisine.

The key to the formula of this platform is emphasizing the quality of the food as well as the speed of the service. Thus, CanarianMarket is committed to deliver to the customer’s home within 24 to 72 hours in Spain and two to ten days in the rest of Europe.

This is among the reasons as to why it is supported by so many producers and local institutions, including the Canarian Government itself, which has promoted the project through Gestión del Medio Rural de Canarias (GMR Canarias), a company attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the local government.

CanarianMarket is a marketing method that combines advantages both for local entrepreneurs and for users. For the latter, by being able to enjoy the best products of the land wherever they are; but for the businesses there are obvious elements that help them to develop their business, such as the expansion of their shop window to horizons impossible without the help of technology.

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