The Canary Islands stand at Fitur: 1,425 m2 and 16 large aerial cubes

The archipelago once again opts for the use of the aerial cubes as a visual attraction that seeks to generate visibility.

The FITUR in Madrid has long become an unmissable visit for tourism destinations and promoters and the importance placed on this year’s ocassion is hard to underestimate, with high expectations for tourism recovery in 2023 in an effort to leave behind the negative impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Islands are naturally present at FITUR every year, always with an exhibition that both that stands out and captures attention. Thus, this year the Canary Islands stand at the International Tourism Fair, which will take place in Madrid from 18 to 22 January, will have a surface area of 1,425 square metres (m2) and a total of 16 large aerial cubes as a visual attraction that seeks to generate notoriety.

This is the same design that was debuted at the last year’s World Travel Market (WTM) in London and is based on innovative approach and high quality design that focuses on enhancement of the communicative performance.

The main attraction will be the 16 large aerial cubes with a strong visual impact, which will act as showcases for the Canary Islands’ tourism offer, projecting audiovisual images of the eight islands, as well as the five priority segments. These segments are sun and beach, including families, active tourism, nature, culture and heritage and LGTBI, in line with the brand’s communication strategy.

In addition, the stand has four hanging showcases with Canarian-inspired gardens and native flora, which were already used at WTM and will be used again at ITB Berlin. There is also a high-resolution LED portico leading into the main area which, together with the 18 large-format projection screens, twice as many as at last year’s event, provides a high-impact visual effect to capture the attention of visitors.

It also highlights the privileged location of the private meeting tables, close to the corridors, with easy access and great visibility, as well as the many institutional offices and the large work meeting area for companies. Once again, there is a separate working area for the media with a national presence and, as a new feature, a television set for live broadcasting of news and entertainment programmes.

True to the commitment to promotional innovation, the priority will be placed on the digital content information points. In this sense, The Tourism of the Canary Islands will be again bringing to FITUR the application that replaces paper and allows users to have a more personalised and individualised experience of the destination. This app has improved functionality and more content than at previous fairs.

Finally, the traditional participatory and dynamic activities will be held, such as the typical Canary Islands fruit juice shop, the local product tasting area and tastings of wines from the islands and the experiential cube equipped with 3D virtual reality glasses to enjoy an immersive view of the destination.

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