The restoration of the emblematic Hotel Taoro in Tenerife to start this month

The renovation of the hotel is expected to start at the end of the month and will be completed in summer 2024.

The long awaited announcement that the refurbishment works of the Hotel Taoro will start on the 30th of January was revealed during the biggest tourism fair, FITUR, which takes place this week in Madrid.

The president of the Tenerife Insular Council, Pedro Martín, stressed that “this is an ambitious renovation that will position the hotel as a destination reference not only in the municipality (Puerto de la Cruz) but also in the region and on the island”.

Indeed, the matter at hand involves what is one of the “most emblematic” hotels in Tenerife and its refurbishment and putting back into operation will have a direct impact on the sector and on the local and island economy. Thus, this project will be giving a boost to the potential for tourism while also returning back to the popular town of Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife one of its undoubted hallmarks.

There is also much encouragement from the side of the company in charge of the project, as stated by the president of Tropical Hotels, Ignacio Polanco, who stressed that they are “delighted” with the venture and that if the forecasts are met they hope to open in June next year.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, the municipality where this tourist jewel is located, Marco González, also expressed his satisfaction with the start of the works, highlighting the “collaboration and good synergy” that has been generated between the Insular Council, the local administration and the Puerto de la Cruz Tourist Rehabilitation Consortium in order to move this project forward.

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