The European Outdoor Film Tour arrives Friday in Tenerife

On 27 January, the Guimerá Theatre in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will host the European Outdoor Film Tour, considered the largest mountain film festival in Europe, for the first time in the city's history.

This Friday, 27 January (20.30), the Guimerá Theatre in the capital of Tenerife will host the largest mountain film festival in Europe, the European Outdoor Film Tour, for the first time. This gathering of adventure sports films and documentaries will offer “120 minutes of adrenaline on the big screen, with unique stories and protagonists that will take viewers to the wildest places on the planet”.

The festival, a journey through the most untamed nature, will include the screening of eight short documentaries. In addition, the psychologist and mountain guide Jordi Rodríguez Roca will be a guest in Tenerife. With a multidisciplinary profile, he highlights his experience as a prison worker in Palma de Mallorca, using the mountain as a tool for the reintegration of inmates.

Rodríguez Roca joins the list of guests on the Spanish tour of the European Outdoor Film Tour. It includes the Skyrunner World Series champion, the Catalan ultrarunner Sheila Avilés, in Barcelona; the mountaineer Carlos Suárez, in Madrid, with a career of more than 30 years challenging mountains all over the world; the director of Emergencies of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, forest firefighter and climbing enthusiast, Federico Grillo, at the event held on the neighbouring island, and Luis Alberto Hernando, Spanish ultrarunner and three-time world champion, in Zaragoza.

Jordi Rodríguez Roca has been working in the penitentiary world in different centres and areas for more than 30 years, in a constant struggle to help prevent the marginalisation, lack of training and addictions suffered by prisoners. In recent years, this fight has been transferred to social reintegration programmes in the context of the mountains, where he has developed pioneering tools needed at an individual or family level.

The European Outdoor Film Tour, the biggest mountain film tour

With more than two decades of experience, during which it has visited nearly 220 cities, and with some 560,000 direct spectators each year, the European Outdoor Film Tour is produced by the German production company Moving Adventures, and arrives in Spain thanks to the Canary Islands production company Kinema Producciones. This edition of the festival opened on 13 October in Munich and has two stops in the Canary Islands among its more than 600 activities in 27 countries around the world. Kinema Producciones has taken the European Outdoor Film Tour to nine cities in the country, in what is its third year touring Spain.

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