National Geographic Viajes highlights the gastronomy of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

National Geographic Viajes makes an exclusive visit to the gastronomy of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as it the publication of a digital guide.

National Geographic Viajes has dedicated a gastronomic guide to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in which it describes the city as a “restless metropolis” and where “fusion and modern techniques coincide without extravagance with the flavours and bars of always in a cocktail that is unbeatable”.

The prestigious science, nature, history and travel magazine has made an exclusive stop in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to propose in 43 pages the perfect marriage between the tourist attractions of the capital of Gran Canaria, the diversity and quality of its restaurants, the creativity and talent of its contemporary chefs and the local and fresh produce of its markets.

There are 65 restaurants, the municipal markets, gourmet shops and iconic local products of Gran Canaria’s gastronomy featured in the publication as essential on a trip to the city.

In its first pages, the publication states that “a whole new generation of chefs is knowing how to squeeze and transform proposals for all tastes, from haute cuisine restaurants, bistros built on culinary fusion and even taverns where each mouthful is a carnival-like explosion of genuine and exotic stimuli”.

The city is shown in the pages of this digital publication through its flavours, those born from the good work of its chefs, in a careful edition that integrates the establishments with the heritage environment and the history of the streets where they are located.

The publication devotes a prominent space to the four food markets, Vegueta, Puerto, Central and Altavista and the Sunday Agrícola de San Lorenzo, places that move between the offer of local and fresh produce, tradition and popular wisdom. In addition, it recommends gourmet shops and stops at some of the reference products of the gastronomy of Gran Canaria: cheese, fish, potatoes, fruit, wine, Agaete coffee and black pig.

The guide, which can be consulted on the magazine’s website, talks about travelling and eating, two inseparable verbs because gastronomy is immersed in all the chapters of the journey and opens many doors to the history, culture and character of the destinations.

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