Tickets for Carnival of Tenerife events available since Monday

Tickets for the contests and galas of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife go on sale on Monday, 23 January.

Tickets for the Carnival of Tenerife 2023 contests and galas scheduled to take place at the “Recinto Ferial” Centre starting Thursday 26 January, are on sale on the internet since today, Monday.

Through the website https://tickety.es, those interested can purchase tickets for all the phases of the children’s and adult “murgas”, “comparsas”, musical groups and the children’s and adult queens’ galas.

Similarly, both in the gala of the Adult Queen and in the comparsas contest and the final of adult murgas the full capacity will be numbered and if the first day of internet sales are not sold out, from tomorrow Tuesday they can also be purchased at the box office of the Recinto Ferial. The price of this type of ticket will be the same as in previous editions.

In “murgas” a standing area will be maintained to increase the total capacity, with the distribution of space and available capacity being similar to that of the 2022 edition.

Carnival in Tenerife: efficient purchasing system

The ticket issuing system, which will be activated from 09.00 hours, allows the purchase of a maximum of four tickets per bank card and event and also offers the possibility of printing them in the purchase process itself. The buyer’s name and e-mail address will be required to make the purchase and send the tickets.

In accordance with the security and capacity control plan, everyone who is likely to be seated must purchase a ticket. Only for babies who are held in their arms at all times, no ticket is required. For safety and evacuation reasons, pushchairs must be placed in the luggage room (free of charge).

In addition, as a security measure, each ticket includes an exclusive QR code to verify the authenticity of the ticket and prevent its duplication or falsification.

Ticket prices are the same as in previous editions and are as follows: Children’s Murgas (1st, 2nd and 3rd phases), 3 euros; Musical groups, 1 euro; Adult Murgas (1st, 2nd and 3rd phases), 5 euros, 10 euros for the final and 20 euros for the voucher; Children’s Queen’s Gala, 6 euros; Comparsas Competition, 7 euros; Adult Queen’s Gala, 10 euros.

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