The European Outdoor Film Tour festival was held to full capacity in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

This is the first time that the capital of Tenerife receives the biggest outdoor film festival in Europe.

The premiere of the European Outdoor Film Tour, the number one adventure sports festival, opened this Friday at the Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with a sell-out crowd of 420 spectators.

It is a benchmark event for mountain sports which has offered in the capital of Tenerife eight short films on mountaineering, mountain biking, trail running, paragliding, climbing, freeride and alpine expeditions from three continents, as reported by the organisation in a press release.

From England, France, Zambia, Norway and the United States, the faces of these unique documentaries have offered a transversal vision of inclusion, gender equality, zero poverty, alliances, responsible consumption, sustainable cities, and in favour of quality education through the film-sport binomial.

In this sense, in Tenerife, the guest of the festival was the prison worker and mountain guide, Jordi R. Roca, who presented his project for the reintegration of prisoners focused on avoiding marginalisation, lack of training and addictions through the mountains.

The mountain “is an incredible setting that serves to channel therapy and training, and provides new useful tools to develop in life”, he said, in a strategy that already has “great results”.

Getting out of potholes,” he continued, “out of complications, gives you strength, peace of mind, releases anxiety and above all gives them other channels to redirect their lives away from the addictions that have led them to prison”.

Roca added that the cinematographic aspect is “incredible” and highlighted “the human side”, with eight people and eight stories “of overcoming, of equality, of integration” that are an example to discover the great potential of sport.

In this way, staff from the penitentiary centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife have been part of the audience, learning about new formulas for social reintegration and their application in prisons.

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