Santa Cruz de Tenerife to have a new sports complex

It is an investment of almost 20 million euros that will increase its capacity tenfold in addition to offering world-class facilities.

This February, Santa Cruz de Tenerife will begin work on a new, modern sports complex to be built on the block adjacent to the Heliodoro Rodríguez López Stadium, in the area occupied by the current Municipal Sports Pavilion and surrounding area, which will cover more than 25,000 m2 and will involve an investment of almost 20 million euros. This is “an investment that Santa Cruz would not have been able to aspire to without the tender of an external company, in this case Go Fit, which would risk the investment, as has been done in other cities in Spain”, says the mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez.

The construction of the new sports area will boost the completion of the block in which it is located and will allow the creation of more than 200 parking spaces, available to users, as well as numerous jobs in the future management of the complex. In addition, the swimming pool that includes the complex will have three pools, a 25-metre pool, a splash pool and another one with jets, as well as a 1,700 m2 fitness room, multi-purpose areas, a games room for children and a cafeteria”.

Paco Álvarez” multi-sports pavilion

This is a facility managed directly by the City Council and differentiated from the concession area, without interference with the sports centre. Access is via Eduardo Zamacois Street. The grandstand located on the upper floor has a capacity for 278 spectators, 6 of them adapted for the disabled, with toilets for spectators and equipped with a lift.

In addition, it will be equipped with a telescopic grandstand for a capacity of 318 spectators. The sports court will serve as a multi-purpose space with wooden flooring, 2 changing rooms for athletes or regular users, 2 changing rooms for referees or monitors, storage and facilities room. The pavilion will receive natural light thanks to large windows that open onto the interior street towards the Quico Cabrera pavilion, and onto Eduardo Zamacois street through the stands. At the level of the grandstand there are 4 squash courts located between the pavilion and the tennis courts on the access ramp to the garage, with access from the pavilion and from the outdoor courts.

The PP4 multi-sports court, according to the Sports Council, has a minimum of a 44 x 32m (1,408 m 2 ) court, with a longitudinal marking of an indoor football and handball court, and a transversal marking of 2 basketball courts and 2/3 volleyball courts.

The pavilion will be connected to the sports centre through a staircase, giving the possibility of joint use. Urbanisation and exterior spaces The exterior spaces of the project fulfil different tasks. Firstly, the main space, which is configured as a public access square connected to the two streets (Heliodoro Rodríguez López and La Mutine), becomes an anteroom to the building, as well as a central place where the children’s games for public use are located and a large urban space as a meeting and recreational area for the neighbours.

Secondly, the area for racket sports (tennis and paddle tennis) is located in the southwest corner, delimited by a fence, and houses two glass paddle tennis courts and two approved tennis courts. The city is generated by providing open spaces annexed to the Heliodoro Rodríguez Stadium.

A large public square with recreational and sporting uses. Car park The car park will be located on two floors under the entire outdoor space and part of the sports centre. It will have a capacity for 290 parking spaces for cars, 6 of them adapted for disabled people and 22 motorbikes. It will have access from Eduardo Zamacois street, as well as from Heliodoro Rodríguez López street and will have a pedestrian exit to La Mutine street.

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