The CajaCanarias Foundation opens its 2023 Cultural Awards in the Canaries

This prize edition covers the categories of novel, poetry, short story, visual arts, research, photography, two sections dedicated to music and short film.

The CajaCanarias Foundation recently opened the call for its 2023 cultural awards, which, as in previous editions, have as their main objective to recognise the creative talent of artists, writers and researchers born or resident in the Canary Islands, serving at the same time as a platform and impetus to continue and strengthen their respective careers.

Deadlines for the Canarian Cultural Awards

The call for entries establishes different days in the month of March (except for the Alberto Delgado Young Music competition, which will close its registration period on 26 April), depending on the award for which one is competing, as the deadline for the submission of works and registrations for the different categories to be awarded this year. On the website, interested parties can consult the corresponding rules and dates for participating in the competitions.

The catalogue for this year consists of nine calls for entries, those corresponding to the Benito Pérez Armas Novel Prize, Pedro García Cabrera Poetry Prize, Agustín de Betancourt Research Prize, Photography Prize, Manolo Millares Plastic Arts Prize, Alberto Delgado Young Music Prize, Isaac de Vega Short Story Prize, María Orán Music Prize and Manolo Villalba Short Film Prize.

As a general rule, the different CajaCanarias Awards are open to all those of legal age, born or resident in the Canary Islands (with the exception of the young music section, which is reserved for people aged between 15 and 35, and the María Orán competition, which is aimed at artists under 36 years of age on the starting date of the competition), except those who have won the award for which they have competed in previous editions.

This year’s call aims to discover and recognise new literary works in novels, poetry, short stories, music, photography, documentary and fiction films, plastic arts, research in the field of civil engineering and architecture, as well as music for young audiences.

The call for entries includes such consolidated awards as the Benito Pérez Armas Novel Prize, which this year will reach its thirty-ninth edition, the Pedro García Cabrera Poetry Prize, awarded since 1981, and the María Orán Music Prize itself.

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