Canary Islands Tourism promotes the islands’ identity jointly with European influencers

The commitment to the environment and the interests shown in their profiles were the key criteria when selecting the influencers to share the Canarian products on social media.

Canary Islands Tourist Board has once again lauched an innovative promotional initiative, jointly with influencers from the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. The objective in this case is to further consolidate the identity of the destination through presentation of numerous local products from the Canary Islands and their responsible consumption. Strategically selected, these content creators have shared traditional and often unique Canarian products to their millions of followers on Instagram.

So that the influencers could get first-hand knowledge of the archipelago’s products, the Islands’ Tourist Board first sent them the local items that matched their tastes and interests. In this way, they were able to share the experience with their followers in a natural and organic way which is a most asertive way to capture the interest of new audiences interested in the culture, wellbeing and artisanal products of the Islands through Instagram, the main social network for this target audience. The aim is to achieve a closer approach to the territory and Canarian culture from a closer and more experiential perspective.

Gofio, cheeses, aloe vera, Indian tuno, ceramics, volcanic jewellery, basketry and soaps are some of the these products that the content creators received, enjoyed and shared with their followers. Being genuine, traditional and quality items, they were able to add a touch the Canary Islands to their recipes or lifestyle.

In the British market, the influencers selected are Kerry Walker (@kerryawalker_), with 24,000 followers, creator of very careful, creative and visual content; Maddy Shaw (@madeleine_shaw_), with 264,000 followers, focused on publications about yoga, nutrition and recipes; Imogen Coles (@oneslowsunday), with 162,000 followers, publishes content related to fashion, beauty, travel, healthy recipes and recommendations for pregnant women.

As for the German market, the following influencers participate in the campaign: Julia Friederike (@friederikefox), with 118,000 followers, spreads healthy lifestyle tips; Laura Grosch (@laurafruitfairy), with 142,000 followers, publishes content related to nature and travel, always linked to a mindfulness lifestyle and slow living; and Annelina Waller (@annelinawaller), with 136,000 followers, creates a type of content focused on the world of yoga and vegan and protein-rich recipes.

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