el hierro

El Hierro’s new prickly pear jam that promises to cause a sensation

Prickly pear is just one of several already available taste of the authentic El Hierro jam.

Mercahierro presents the new prickly pear jam from El Hierro, which is a new flavour of this product that joins those launched by Sociedad Pública Mercahierro such as “pineapple, fig, plum and apple reinette”. The new flavour can now be purchased in supermarkets and food shops on the island.

The Mercahierro Public Society hopes that this new flavour will be well received by consumers, as has been the case with the previous ones.

Melissa Armas, CEO of Mercahierro, stressed that the aim of this public company is to continue promoting local production through the process of making jams with seasonal fruits representative of El Hierro.

“This is an activity that Mercahierro carried out in the past, and which has been recovered in order to be able to offer consumers typical products grown on our island with the added value of processing,” Armas said.

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