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Santa Cruz de La Palma is gearing up to celebrate its famous carnival in style

The highly anticipated Carnival of Santa Cruz de La Palma kicks off on Thursday, February 16th.

The Santa Cruz de La Palma Carnival will kick off on Thursday 16th February with the “Great Coso Escolar”, which will mark the start of a full programme of events for all ages. The theme chosen by the public last November was based on cartoons, and the educational community has already got down to work with this proposal to wear recognisable costumes and fantasies.

The Department of Festivities “is immersed in the preparation of the programme of events, which is being outlined and closing the final details of a festival that will have a main stage in the Avenida Marítima, as well as other areas of the city, such as the squares of Spain, La Alameda, Santo Domingo, José Mata and the street behind the Cabildo insular, among others”.

This will be the year in which the carnival celebrations are resumed without sanitary restrictions by the COVID-19 and which will include events such as the Gran Coso del Carnaval Escolar (Thursday 16); Fiesta de la Peluca (Friday 17); Parade of Ambassadors and Great Personalities (Saturday 18); Los Indianitos and Festival Orillas del Son (Sunday 19); Gran Desembarco y Desfile de Los Indianos (Monday 20); Cortejo Fúnebre de Doña Sardina (Friday 24), and the weekend of piñata with carnival and children’s festival on 25 and 26 February.

All this, enlivened with the different popular festivals and musical and humorous performances that will be announced in the coming days, both on the municipal website and through the official social networks of the City Council.

In addition, competitions will be organised to award prizes to the shop windows that best represent the Indian spirit.

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