Lanzarote: “saturated” and looking for a future with fewer tourists

Lanzarote, with a population of only 151,000, had 2.5 million tourists between January and November 2022, which is 17 times its population.

For this reason, the Insular Council has now expressed the idea of declaring the island a “tourist saturated zone”, for which there is a “broad social consensus”.

During the FITUR, the president of the Insular Council, Dolores Corujo, spoke of this status not being a goal, but a first step to initiate a phase of reduction of tourism, which she considers necessary “to secure the future of the coming generations”.

Thirty years ago, Lanzarote already developed a model that did not envisage the creation of more beds, but of “more quality and with a unique complementary offer that distinguishes us in the world”.


The position means trying to receive fewer tourists “but who spend more money at the destination so that they create more wealth for the whole economy”.

The difficulty is that more than half of the island’s visitors come from the UK, so “a diversification strategy is needed to reduce dependence on the UK market”.

In this context, he said that markets in France, Italy, the Netherlands and the mainland are expected to grow, which will hopefully have a direct impact on increasing tourist spending at the destination.

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