The famous Canarian “barraquito” cafe is now also success in England

A Tenerife-born entrepreneur runs a cafe in the heart of Liverpool that serves some of the delicacies of his homeland.

When you visit the Canary Islands, one of the best experiences is discovering the local cuisine that has so much to offer that it wins over absolutely anyone. But when one waves goodbye to their holiday in the Islands, it is time to go back to the usual routine, including in the gastronomie. Or…maybe not.

This is the case of an entrepreneur from Tenerife based in the maritime city of Liverpool, in the northwest of England, who decided to open a cafeteria and offer some of the delicacies of his homeland.

Under a slogan “Bocadillos (sandwiches) and lots of love”, the business owner will offer his customers the famous “barraquito” cafe, “pulguita” sandwich with ham, poast pork or shredded meat according to the Canarian style, “papas locas” or literally “crazy chips” which is an absolutely irresistible dish of chips, or “pincho de tortilla”, a type of a tortilla tapa… At Castro’s, that is how the place is called, English diners can taste a little piece of the Canary Islands thousands of miles away.

And even potatoes with “mojo”, a traditional Canarian sauce, are also among the available options on the menu. The establishment is located in the Dale Street shopping area. The place is praised by numerous Instagram users, who congratulate the Tenerife native.

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