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TenerifeON, a new application with nature trails of the island

According to the Island Council, this resource will be "a turning point in the way visits to protected natural areas are planned".

As part of the Natural Environment Management and Safety efforts, the Island Council of Tenerife, presented Tenerife ON, an application for mobile phones and a website that serves as an official platform for the island’s nature trails and recreational areas.

The main objective is to raise awareness of the responsible use of nature and to raise awareness of environmental protection with the application and website showing the itineraries for walking, horse riding, cycling and motor vehicles.

It also provides information on 40 facilities, as well as 173 trails, a figure that will be increased, and the 43 protected natural areas on the island, and will be used to organise routes and excursion programmes, but also to receive quality and rigorous data on the natural values of the area.

Thus, TenerifeOn includes some 700 kilometres of footpaths, around 180 kilometres of forest tracks, 18 routes for bicycles and horses, 26 routes for motor vehicles, more than 20 recreational areas, 14 camping areas, 3 campsites and 26 rest areas.

Warnings and alerts are included in the event that some of the routes are totally or partially closed, as well as weather information and search filters to personalise the route according to physical possibilities. The Council expressed the assurance that due to that the use of TenerifeON will enable to prevent the need to rescue people who enter areas that should not or cannot be entered.

The application can be used without telephone coverage and TenerifeON offers a very complete interactive map showing all the routes available and their details of interest to the public. In addition, a suggestion service can be accessed, in which the platform recommends routes and itineraries based on the assessments of the public, the interests of each user, or trails related to the ones taken.

The application is available for both iOS and Android, and can be downloaded from the App Store, Play Store or from the official Tenerife ON website.

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