High demand for an innovative ‘Tenerife On’ app to enjoy natural spaces on the island

The recently launched 'Tenerife On' app has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

The Island Council of Tenerife is content with the response from the public towards the application recently launched by the island authority that aims at helping both residents and guests of Tenerife to enjoy its natural environment in a safe and sustainable manner. Thus, more than 10,000 people have downloaded the “Tenerife ON” app launched only a week ago.

This tool provides the public with official, up-to-date and exhaustive information on the island’s natural areas. The platform, created by the Natural Environment and Safety Department of the Island Council to offer a reliable service to the public and encourage responsible use of the environment, also aims to be a tool to organise flows and relieve certain, very popular areas in favour of others, of less affluency. “This product has generated great interest, as it has shown all the possibilities it offers and how easy it is to use, even in areas where there is no mobile coverage”.

As indicates the Council, it will be used to “raise awareness, provide information on safe and responsible leisure and receive feedback from the public, and these are aspects that have contributed to generating such unprecedented interest among the public”.

Tenerife ON is an intuitive, navigable platform adapted to everyone. Its app is available in the App Store, Google Play, and its online portal is accessible through the official website tenerifeon.es.

Discovering Tenerife: a customisable and secure platform

Tenerife ON gathers all the maintained trails, horse riding routes, routes for 4X4 vehicles and for cyclists on the island. Its itinerary planner allows users to customise their routes according to distance or location on a map.

It also allows users to download the routes to review them without coverage. Another of its great advantages is its alert system, which indicates possible incidents on each route, making outdoor leisure a safer activity.

It also includes all the available facilities, such as camping areas, visitor centres, recreational areas and campsites, as well as all the relevant information on the 43 Protected Natural Spaces on the island.

TenerifeON: a tool to raise awareness of natural areas

This, together with the advice and recommendations section, makes Tenerife ON an educational platform, which aims to raise awareness among the population about environmental care and the responsible use of the spaces.

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