Adriana Peña, the Queen of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2023

The representative of the Añaza Carrefour Shopping Centre in a design dress by Santi Castro won a much desired title at a Gala that was attended by 4,700 people.

Adriana Peña Fumero, with her costume ‘Lisboa’, designed by Santi Castro, and representing the Añaza Carrefour Shopping Centre, was elected Queen of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2023 on Wednesday night during a gala held at the “Recinto Ferial” Exhibition Centre.

The list of honour was completed with the election of Hirisley Jiménez Marrero, with the costume ‘Metamorphosis’ and representing McDonald’s and El Día-La Opinión de Tenerife as first lady of honour; Laura Fernández Ruíz, with ‘Así Soy’ and representing Centro Comercial Alcampo La Laguna, second lady of honour; Carmen Luna Hibner Hernández, with the fantasy ‘Un Mar de Consciencia’, representing Iberostar, third lady of honour, and Marta Santana Rodríguez, with ‘Historia de una Reina’, representing Tecnocasa, fourth lady of honour.

The gala lasted for almost three hours in a fairground that was attended by 4,700 spectators, according to the Town Hall.

The jury that chose the new Carnival Queen and her four ladies of honour was made up of Andrés Acosta, fashion designer; Nareme Melián, author of the Carnival 2023 poster; Roberto Siguero, graduate in Fine Arts, master’s degree in stage costume design and production and international gold medallist 2011 and 2022; Henry Querales, creative director of the production company ACHE; Macarena Gómez, actress; Joshua Huerta, choreographer and dancer; Gonzalo Castañeda, radio, television and press communicator; Roberto Herrera, journalist and director of the TVE programme Cerca de Ti in the Canary Islands; Alma Andreu Robles, communicator; Marta Modino, presenter and editor of TVC news programmes; Carlos Gómez, agent, international model and director of Proyectea Rooms; Christina Gianpaoli, professional pilot and Adexe & Nau, Canarian artists.

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