Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: the city that never sleeps

The Carnival festivities have kicked off in the streets with parades of thousands of participants turning the capital of Tenerife into a city that never sleeps.

The impressive Carnival show has opened this popular part of the festivities celebrated by thousands of people in the streets and has undoubtedly brought the authentic New York to Santa Cruz, with its lights and decorations.

The rain kept looming over the event to such an extent that it was even considered to suspend it at some point. However, in the end it was not necessary and the activities proceeded as scheduled. Only at the beginning of the parade, and also at the end, could some umbrellas be seen, but they were soon put away to enjoy the groups, floats, queens and ladies, who waited patiently for the start of the parade, which began almost half an hour later than the scheduled time.

This year, the route had some novelties: while the queens, their court of honour and the groups set off from the usual starting point, the decorated cars and floats did so – without the delay caused in the rest of the parade – from the Galcerán bridge.

Escorted by the Fufa and some energetic Joroperos, winners of the first prize for comparsas, who were accompanied by the vedette Marlene Mourreau, the brand new Carnival Queen, Adriana Peña, arrived, who received a standing ovation for her charm and for the colossal design by Santi Castro entitled Lisboa.

After her, at a somewhat slower pace, came Cariocas, runners-up in Comparsas; the winners of the costume contest; Trapaseros, winners of the first prize in Murga Interpretation; the winning musical group, Caña Dulce, and, after them, the rest of the winning groups, who took turns with the Queen’s court of honour.

Pirates, sailors, clowns, tribes, carnival characters and even soldiers mingled in a unique parade, which the public received with applause and cheers, paying tribute to the work that carnival groups and designers have prepared. The applause was only overshadowed by the drummers, who reminded everyone that this year’s festival will be even bigger because of the desire to enjoy normality.

The more than 9,000 people who took part in this massive parade proved that Carnival is more alive than ever and that Santa Cruz once again stole the title of the city that never sleeps from New York for a week.

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