These are the most demanded professionals in the Canary Islands

According to the report by Adecco, a human resources consultancy, on professional profiles of highest demand in 2023, aircraft ground handlers, drivers and hotel and catering workers are the most sought-after workers in the Canary Islands.

The most sought-after professionals in the Canary Islands are aircraft ground handlers, drivers and hotel and catering workers, according to the ‘Adecco Report on the most in-demand profiles in 2023′, published by the human resources consultancy firm this Monday.

Adecco points out that the profiles most in demand by the labour market this year will be those related to the IT field, healthcare and industry development.

Human resources professionals in companies will also be looking for qualified workers associated with the development of services, such as sales and administrative staff with languages, telemarketers, hospitality staff and engineers.

Adecco reminds in a note that many of these profiles enjoy what is technically called “full employment” or “zero unemployment”.

However, 53% of the country’s human resources managers recognise that they have difficulties in finding these workers. The reasons for these shortages are often the shortage of qualified and well-trained profiles, language skills, as a third language is increasingly in demand, or the implementation of active employment policies.

At the same time, changing shifts for certain positions and uncompetitive salaries in some regions also play a role, resulting in a brain drain.

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