Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Paris and New York, the most sought-after destinations to fly to in spring

According to the search engine Kayak, knowing which weeks offer the cheapest fares is key when it comes to booking tickets for long-haul destinations.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Paris and New York are the most popular destinations to fly to during the months of March, April and May, according to bookings made on the travel search engine Kayak, which assures that Palma de Mallorca will be one of the cheapest destinations to fly to on almost all public holidays over the next three months.

Spring offers numerous travel options that can mean considerable financial savings for the pockets considering that during these weeks many trips have the lowest prices of the season.

According to the travel search engine Kayak, the most popular domestic destinations to fly to next spring include Santa Cruz de Tenerife (135 euros average price for a return flight), Barcelona (90 euros), Madrid (84 euros) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (134 euros).

For those looking for domestic destinations, according to the searches carried out on the Kayak website, the week starting on 6 March will be the best option for travelling, as it is the week with the lowest average price for flights (74 euros), while the week starting on 3 April will be the least economical (163 euros on average).

Among European cities, the most searched destination is Paris (France) with an average price of 149 euros, followed by London (United Kingdom) for 111 euros and Rome (Italy) with a cost of 143 euros for a return flight.

In European destinations, current searches indicate that the week beginning 13 March will be the best value for money with an average price of 318 euros. However, those looking to save should avoid the week commencing 27 March as it will be the period with the highest average prices (460 euros on average).

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