Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival bids farewell in splendour before 420,000 people

The closing of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has brought together a huge audience in the capital for both the day and the night festivities.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has celebrated the final Carnival of Piñata with 420,000 people, thus confirming all of the organisation’s forecasts in terms of the expected attendance of the public. The event included another Carnival of the Day, the second daytime fest this year, and the night dances of the Piñata, with more than fifty performances in 18 uninterrupted hours of music and dance, with a city full of carnival-goers, carnival-goers and visitors who have sold out hotels and holiday accommodation and exceeded the most flattering forecasts of the restaurants.

The Mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, says that “beyond the forecasts, after some atypical years in the celebration of our most international festival, this edition has meant an explosion of people eager to experience the best Carnival in the world” and says that “with the figures we have for the influx of vehicles, hotel occupancy and holiday accommodation, the Carnival has been a great success”, hotel occupancy and holiday accommodation, plus public transport in buses, trams and taxis, to which must be added the local residents who come on foot, this edition will be remembered as one of the most crowded in history”.

In addition,” concludes the councillor, “these are figures to which we must add the very few incidents recorded with respect to the flood of people who have come to this capital to enjoy this city full of things to do, see, taste and visit” and, finally, “we have to add the fact that there are very few incidents recorded with respect to the flood of people who have come to this capital to enjoy this city full of things to do, see, taste and visit”, We are convinced that our Carnival is the most dynamic action par excellence, and with the return to normality it shows that it has a capacity to attract more people than expected in terms of the influx of people from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as well as visitors and tourists, many of whom arrived on cruise ships that choose us as their home port”, he concludes.

The number of visitors to the Carnival Square reached 420,000 people, according to figures from the Local Police. From 09:00 to 20:00 hours, the number of vehicles entering the capital of Tenerife was 103,038, taking into account that from 12:00 hours the average density of vehicles increased every hour. With the overall figures, at around 21:00 hours, there was quite a lot of traffic on the roads outside the Carnival area.

The Local Police maintained traffic control and preventive closures to ensure the safety of carnival-goers. This increase in traffic and the traffic jams at the entrance to Santa Cruz have made it necessary to redouble efforts to regulate traffic at the entrances to the capital.

The crowds have ended up cramming the whole area between Avenida Francisco La Roche, the alameda del Duque de Santa Elena and Plaza de España, as well as adjacent streets such as La Marina, Villalba Hervás and Emilio Calzadilla.

And in addition to this influx of people, there were also the arrivals on the different cruise ships which are anchored in the Port of Santa Cruz today, so that both tourists and their crews also gathered at some point during the day for this popular Day Carnival event, in this case as a farewell to this edition dedicated to New York.

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