Binter launches new website to offer a new level of customer journey experience

The Binter airline's new proposal improves design, usability, accessibility and incorporates the latest technologies and components to enhance the customer experience.

Binter has presented its new website, designed to place the customer at the centre, so that they can enjoy the entire travel process, from inspiration and organisation, to obtaining and redeeming points from the BinterMás loyalty programme.

This new virtual space stands out at first sight for its cleaner and more up-to-date design, adapted to desktop and tablet devices, in which usability has been improved to provide the user with a more intuitive experience and faster access to information and services.

It enhances the attributes of the Binter brand, its differential advantages, the new fare structure and the personalised ancillary services, and has recategorised and grouped content and services according to the customer journey, which is the set of interactions of a consumer with an organisation in the process of buying or obtaining something.

Binter: new online options

Binter’s new website also has some functionalities that improve the user experience and has been designed using the latest technologies available for the development of web pages, which improve performance and increase loading speed.

Its homepage is organised around a main tab from which visitors can access the operations most frequently used by visitors, such as flight search, access to reservations, check-in or check flight status.

It also has a mega menu to facilitate navigation and in this space you can easily find information organised according to the different phases of the journey: inspiration, management and preparation.on the new Binter website, the user can find pages with very complete information on the destinations to which the company flies and can also download tourist guides in PDF.

As a new feature, members of the airline’s loyalty programme also have new functionalities on this website, where they can access a digital BinterMás card with a QR code that can be sent by e-mail or downloaded from their mobile phone.

The corporate website is also renewed and incorporates new functionalities, and new features will soon be added to facilitate payment, integrate other services or search by budget, to which will be added specific portals by market. Technical improvements

On a technical level, its scalable architecture with state-of-the-art web technologies stands out, as well as the updating of the technological components of the entire platform, such as programming languages, the application server or the operating system, among others.

Another of the improved aspects is accessibility, which has been developed to comply with the accessibility criteria based on the WCAG 2.1 standard and in accordance with Directive 2019/882 of the European Parliament on accessibility requirements for products and services. In this aspect, special care has been taken with the size of the texts, the use of colours with greater contrast and the adaptation to navigation assistants.

Binter’s website is now easily accessible by natural language-based search engines and supports chatbots.

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