Dr. Mario Alonso Puig speaks at Premium Forum of Diario de Avisos Foundation

The Premium Forum of the Diario de Avisos Foundation featured today a visit by Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, one of the most influential researchers on human behaviour and behavioural patterns.

Today, the Premium Forum of the Diario de Avisos Foundation (Tenerife) has had the pleasure of receiving Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, one of the most influential researchers on human behaviour and behavioural patterns.

Alonso, with more than 30 years of experience, has spent more than 20 years giving courses, conferences and working with management teams to enhance skills such as leadership, teamwork, change management, well-being, communication, creativity and innovation. At the meeting he reflected on What should I do in my daily life to be better and help others to be better?

He advocated to have moments of optimism, to give value to the joyful things in life in order to be able to transform reality without denying reality. Freedom is a daily conquest, and every day we must introduce new habits and actions. Alonso Puig stressed the importance of the practice of silence and inner peace, returning to the centre of oneself and serenity as a balm to soften losses and complicated moments.

The doctor noted that in times of confusion and change, the easiest thing to do is to anchor oneself in complaint, protest and justification, but we must take a leading role, bring out the inner capacity to respond to what is happening, never give up, never give in. Taking on the role of actor to try to change things, as far as possible, is a personal decision for each one of us. We must focus our attention on what I want to be the solution and then the human mind will start to do amazing things.

He also advocated the separation of the inner and outer world if we want to have a positive impact on things, with that change in our inner self we radiate a force that will also have an impact on the outside and our environment. He valued the empowerment of people and taking that inner power away from fears, doubts and excuses. Dare despite your fear and you will feel brave, he stressed.

The researcher Mario Alonso Puig highlighted the mental and spiritual dimension of people, and stressed that human beings should have more gratitude, cordiality, compassion, contact with nature and even know how to ask for help in complicated moments.

He stressed that we should not hit rock bottom in order to reach the conclusion that we have to change. We should not focus on what we cannot do and how bad the world is, we should want to do what we can do and improve.

He pointed out that we must focus on the greatness and inner beauty of each person, that the capacity to love is capable of true healing, and insisted on returning gratitude and love to the environment. We need people to bring us together, not to focus on the things that separate us, but on what connects us to each other. Cooperation is the great solution for a better society.

He also emphasised the importance of habitually practising silence, creating spaces of stillness and taking time to try to clear our minds. He warned of the negative and harmful effects on physical and mental health of noise and all those negative thoughts that, in the long run, generate anxiety and depression and turn against oneself, therefore, it is necessary to know how to space out these thoughts, most of which are dysfunctional. Negative thoughts harm not only oneself, but also the environment and even humanity. He also added the importance of inner connection with a wise and kind universe, hence the willingness to create spaces of stillness.

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