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Daylight Saving Time: Clock Change in the Canaries

Every year winter time in Spain, including the Canaries, gives way to summer time on the last Sunday of March.

The end of winter in the Canaries also means the arrival of the time change, which means that daylight saving time is introduced throughout the country, making the sunrise and sunset later.

The Royal Decree governing the time change in Spain establishes that winter time gives way to summer time on the last Sunday in March each year.

Therefore, in 2023, the time change in the Canary Islands will take place in the early hours of Saturday 25 March to Sunday 26 March. At 1 a.m., the clocks will be put forward one hour and will strike 2 a.m.


The time change, which is made twice a year, has been at the centre of some of the debate within the European Union, which has decided to abolish it.

The lack of consensus among member states has prevented it from being put into practice. The reason? They do not agree on the choice of the time slot that would be permanent in each country.

Although we have to wait for this agreement to become definitive and allow the establishment of a single time in Europe, the Official State Gazette (BOE) includes the date on which the last time changes would take place in Spain, which would be 25 October 2026, maintaining winter time for good, i.e. the one we have right now.

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