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The Canary Islands Climate Action Plan is open to public discussion

The public contributions to the Canary Islands Climate Action Plan could be submitted starting this week and through 11 April.

The Regional Ministry of Ecological Transition, Fight against Climate Change and Territorial Planning of the Canary Islands Government has opened the public exhibition period of the Canary Islands Climate Action Plan, as this is one of the “fundamental” management tools of the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition of the islands approved at the end of 2022.

In this regard, the regional councillor for Ecological Transition, José Antonio Valbuena, explained that the deadline for submitting contributions began this week and will run until 11 April, which is why he encouraged the general public and Canary Islands organisations to participate in this process to “enrich this document, which is so important for the future of the archipelago”, according to a press release from the regional government.

All the information available to participate in this period of allegations is available on the website.

The Canary Islands Climate Action Plan contains the set of actions aimed at achieving the objectives set out in the Canary Islands Climate Action Strategy within the deadline. It also includes actions aimed at minimising or absorbing the real and potential impacts, risks and vulnerabilities identified in the strategy.

In order to achieve these objectives, its content is divided into an informative and diagnostic part and a normative part. The first includes the preparation of present and future climate scenarios for the archipelago, the identification and evaluation of foreseeable impacts and risks based on these scenarios, and the evaluation of the vulnerability of natural resources, the territory and the population to the impacts and risks identified.

The regulatory section covers the specific mitigation, adaptation and resilience objectives to be achieved; the specific mitigation and adaptation measures for the impacts and risks detected; the establishment of a system of indicators to facilitate the monitoring of the achievement of the objectives through the measures adopted; and the mechanisms to guarantee governance and temporary measures of island or municipal competence, as appropriate, in accordance with the first additional provision of this law.

The Canary Islands Climate Action Plan shall be valid for ten years from the date of its publication, and may be extended by the Canary Islands Government. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the plan may be revised every five years to update the scenarios and objectives.

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