La Orotava hosts an exhibition of the artist María Amaral

Between 11 and 30 March, the exhibition of the Canarian-Argentinean artist will be open for public in the Taoro Lyceum, La Orotava.

From Sunday 19th March until 1st April, the Taoro Lyceum, La Orotava, will be hosting the exhibition of the Canarian-Argentinean artist María Amaral, who resides in France. The opening will take place on this day at 12.00 noon, and there will also be a concert by the timplist Pedro Izquierdo accompanied by the guitarist Danny González.

The Town Hall of La Orotava and the Argentinean Consulate in the Canary Islands, in collaboration with the Taoro Lyceum, are organising this exhibition, the official opening of which will take place on the following day.

The project is conceived as a tribute to the artist as a defender of human rights, throughout the different stages of her life and her pictorial work.

The exhibition has been supported by the consulate, whose head, Ambassador Luis María Sobrón, was instrumental in making the arrival of the works possible. The former MEP Isidoro Sánchez has also collaborated in the exhibition.

The retrospective exhibition of María Amaral, which is part of the centenary of the birth of her parents, born in Tenerife in 1923, traces her life trajectory, the history of her family and her artistic work from the Canary Islands to Buenos Aires and Paris, where she has always lived in the commitment and duty of memory.

After the Second World War, in 1947, María Amaral’s grandfather fled the Canary Islands, hiding in the holds of the Dutch ship “Volendam”, which was carrying refugees, victims of Nazism, to Argentina.

Three years later, her father (who had been condemned to death and later acquitted in the Canary Islands), her mother and a young son left for Buenos Aires on another ship. Maria was in her mother’s womb and was born on 25 December 1950. A book on her career is also planned to be presented.

Programme of María Amaral’s exhibition inauguration

Sunday 19 March at 12.00 noon in the Taoro Lyceum de La Orotava

12.00: Moderator: Isidoro Sánchez.
12.10: Presentation: Carmen Leyes, president of the Liceo Taoro; María Amaral Leyes, president of the Liceo Taoro; María Amaral, plastic artist; Luis María Sobrón,
ambassador and consul of Argentina in the Canary Islands and Francisco Linares, Mayor of La Villa de La Orotava.
12.30: Wine tasting.
13.00: Concert by Pedro Izquierdo accompanied by the guitarist Danny González Martínez.
13.30: Tour of the exhibition rooms and end of the event. The exhibition has been open to the public since 11 March and will remain open until 30 March, from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm. hours.

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