Santa Cruz de Tenerife will have a Carnival Park

This new leisure area in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will occupy an area of almost 8,500 m2, has an estimated budget of 3.2 million and could be completed in one and a half years.

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, accompanied today, Friday, by the councillor for works and infrastructures, Dámaso Arteaga, and the councillor for the Salud-La Salle district, Carlos Tarife, presented the project for a Carnival park on which the region’s technicians are working and whose works are due to begin before the end of this year. This is “a commitment by the city to the capital’s most important festival, because until now there has been no open-air public space dedicated to it, and at the same time it will enhance the Casa del Carnaval, which will be linked to this new park on the adjacent property,” said the mayor.

Bermúdez added that “this action, with a planned investment of 3.2 million euros, upgrades the most important festival in this city and the one that gives it the greatest international appeal, so all the decorative elements, the furniture and even the children’s games will have greater value. the furniture and even the children’s games will have a common theme that alludes to Carnival” and affirms that “the design of this public enclave will be based on the use of colours, posters in the form of masks, clowns and certain symbols such as the sardine in the form of a central interactive game from which two slides emerge”, according to the mayor.

For his part, Dámaso Arteaga stresses that “the works will cover an area of almost 8,500 m2, have an estimated budget of 3.2 million and could be carried out in a year and a half, once the works begin, which we hope will be this year after the call for tenders”, adding that “this will improve mobility and pedestrian traffic from the Tome Cano-Heliodoro R. López area towards the shopping district and city centre”. López towards the shopping district and the centre of Santa Cruz, Calle La Noria, etc., precisely because of the natural environment that the ravine provides”.

All these actions in a public space with these characteristics”, says Arteaga, “will make it possible to put this urban park in the heart of Santa Cruz in the right atmosphere that will allow us to create interactive uses and spaces where the Carnival poster can be exhibited”, adding “and why not? and why not to organise parades on the central walkway of this unique natural environment that can be seen from the immediate surroundings, so that its possibilities allow for a park that helps to improve the mobility of the surrounding areas through the natural environment of Santos Gorge, a meeting place framed by a unique natural environment”.

At the same time, it will allow for the improvement of the paving and cladding, which are in an advanced state of repair, as well as the creation of a new direct access via stairs from La Salle Avenue, which will allow for a more direct and safe access to the park.

Finally, Councillor Carlos Tarife stressed that “the existing wall structures and terraces will be used and upgraded, and communication will be improved to create a more accessible urban space between the different platforms of the park”, adding that “it will also mean the creation of new green spaces that will enhance the natural environment and create new shaded areas to linger and enjoy this place of unique value”.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the square will also be equipped with lighting that invites people to use it safely at night. The Galcerán Bridge will be equipped with a decorative LED lighting system that will create a point of attraction and enhance the use and enjoyment of the Santos Gorge environment.

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