New tourist information office opens at Tenerife South Airport

The island's president, Pedro Martín, stressed a complete renovation plan is underway for the 36 tourist information offices on Tenerife to convey a more modern, accessible and digital image of the destination.

The new tourist information office at Tenerife South Airport opens its doors after a complete renovation with the aim of offering an open, modern and digital service area that makes it easier for visitors to access and find information.

The President of the Tenerife Island Council, Pedro Martín, the Mayor of Granadilla de Abona, José Domingo Regalado, inaugurated the new facilities this Monday, with the participation of the Island Director of Tourism, Laura Castro; the CEO of Tenerife Tourism Board, David Pérez; the Director of Tenerife South Airport, Juan Carlos Peg Ros; as well as representatives of the Circle of Businessmen and Professionals of South Tenerife (CEST) and the Centre for Initiatives and Tourism Comarcas del Sur de Tenerife.

During his speech, Pedro Martín recalled that this action is part of the programme to renovate the island’s tourist information offices. “We are carrying out a complete renovation of all the offices on the island, because having the opportunity to convey a more modern, accessible and digital image of the destination was more than necessary”. In this sense, he assured that “the renovation should also include a comprehensive improvement of the airports, which is why we have reached agreements to renovate both the northern and southern airports, which is one of the busiest airports in Spain”.

José Domingo Regalado, for his part, stressed the importance of “having a first class office in one of the most important destinations in the world”, and recalled that the Town Hall, together with the Cabildo, will also improve the tourist information office in El Médano, “therefore, this is a day of pride and joy, and I hope that these facilities will help all those visitors who wish to visit us and get to know us”.

Laura Castro stressed that “our aim is to create an information network that shares common design criteria, technological equipment and updated and innovative content, in order to homogenise the image of the destination, promote tourist mobility within the island and continue to boost the competitiveness of the destination”. He also stressed that “all the offices will be renovated with materials that ensure the sustainability of the project”.

In June 2022 the Cabildo approved the allocation of two million euros for the renovation and improvement of the services of the network of tourist information offices on the island, comprising 36 offices distributed throughout the island.

The Tenerife Sur airport tourist office is part of this network, which is managed by both the Island Corporation and the local councils. Due to the state it was in, it was decided to demolish it and create a new, more open, accessible and digitalised one. The project cost 251,381 euros and was 73% financed by the Canary Islands Government and 27% by the Cabildo.

This action will be followed by other renovation and improvement works in the tourist offices of Vilaflor de Chasna, El Médano, El Sauzal and Tenerife Norte.

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