Fuerteventura launches an app to facilitate access to information and administrative processes

A new app for mobile phones and tablets to access all the information and administrative processes of the island's institution forms part of the 'Fuerteventura Smart Island' digitalisation programme.

The President of the Fuerteventura Island Council, Sergio Lloret, this Thursday presented the technological innovation projects completed as part of the ‘Fuerteventura Smart Island’ digitalisation programme, which include a new APP for mobile phones and tablets to access all the information and administrative processes of the island’s institution, as well as the new transparency portals of the island’s local councils and open government.

These applications, Lloret explained, are part of the digitalisation programme under development, with up to 13 digital transformation components and a budget of 4 million euros, financed by investments from Red.es with ERDF funds from the Spanish Multiregional Operational Programme (POPE), with the aim of modernising and improving digital public services and the island’s public administration.

Lloret said that these are “very interesting” tools for the Island Council and the six town councils of Fuerteventura, because they will allow “easier access for consultation, knowledge and information on all the actions of the public administration with a joint application,” according to a press release from the island’s institution.

He added that the aim is to “continue to progress in the digitalisation of the services offered to citizens” in order to “facilitate not only the internal functioning” of the administrations, but also compliance with the Transparency Law and the Data Protection Law.

Finally, the island’s Vice President, Juan Nicolás Cabrera, pointed out that this is a tool that aims to “help and inform citizens”, describing it as an “important achievement” for the residents of Fuerteventura.

As for the six new transparency portals, one for each municipality, to which the Island Council’s will be added, the aim is to facilitate compliance with the legislation on the transparency of public administrations in Fuerteventura.

The new application, available on Google Play and soon on the App Store, provides access to news, agendas, administrative procedures and other information from both the Island Council and the Town Councils.

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