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La Palma readies a report to host the National Centre for Volcanology

The president of the Island Council, Mariano Zapata, stresses that La Palma is one of the islands that has had the greatest volcanic activity over the last 100 years.

The president of the La Palma Island Council, Mariano Zapata, has indicated that the institution is working on a report, “a first approximation”, to house the National Centre for Volcanology.

The document establishes the needs and elements necessary to position the island as the centre’s headquarters, according to the island corporation in a press release.

Zapata explained that at the moment they are waiting for the Consultative Commission, which depends on the Spanish government, to publish the requirements for hosting the centre.

“Which has not stopped us from working on it, and for this reason, and in order to identify the procedures and possible obligations, we have drawn up this document in accordance with the requirements requested, for example, to host the Spanish Space Agency and/or the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence, whose designation procedures are also governed by Royal Decree 209/2022,” he said.

Furthermore, the president recalled that La Palma is one of the islands with the greatest volcanic activity over the last 100 years, “and I am sure that, after the eruption suffered barely a year and a half ago, scientists would have the best opportunity on the Isla Bonita to study what is going on in the subsoil of our archipelago”.

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