Spending in tourist areas in the Canary Islands increases by 15% in 2022

The average spending in the Canary Islands increased from 1,157.3 euros to 1,331.8 euros per customer, with an increase in profitability per person.

Spending per tourist in the destinations that constitute the Association of Tourist Municipalities of the Canary Islands (AMTC) increased by 15% in 2022 compared to 2019, the year before the pandemic, taken as a reference to measure the recovery of the main economic activity of the islands. If in 2019 the average expenditure was 1,157.3 euros, it rose to 1,331.8 euros last year.

In the last edition of FITUR, at the presentation of the AMTC stand at the fair, the president of the Association, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, already anticipated the significant growth detected, taking then the figure between January and November 2022, which was 1,331.9 euros, according to the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics (Istac).

The figures are even higher for the Canary Islands as a whole: 1,122.58 in 2019 by 1314.14 in 2022, without losing sight of the fact that the 13 municipalities of the AMTC hosted 98% of overnight stays last year, more than 85 million.

Last February, “BBVA Research published the report “Situation Canary Islands 2023”, which corroborated the aforementioned recovery in tourist spending and the fact that this had given a differential boost to the Canary Islands. In 2022, prices and revenue per available room were 14% and 13%, respectively, higher than in 2019. “Part of this increase is due to costs, but another part could have favoured greater profitability, helping to improve the sector’s financial position,” the report said.

The analysis stated that “although in 2022 as a whole, overnight stays and occupancy rates have not yet reached pre-crisis levels, hotel supply in the Islands has already recovered”.

Returning to the data provided by Istac, this significant increase in spending can also be seen, municipality by municipality, with some exceeding 1,500 euros per stay.

Expenditure per tourist (eur)20192022
Guía de Isora1.382,511.528,43
Santiago del Teide1.091,181.305,34
Puerto de la Cruz980,271.093,03
San Bartolomé de Tirajana1.289,781.461,81
La Oliva1.104,21.253,07
Tourist Areas (AMTC)1.157,301.331,80

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