The Canary Islands, the most popular national tourist destination, according to Chollometro

According to the travel platform Chollometro, the Canary Islands has been the most demanded tourist destination in the last month.

The Canary Islands has been the most demanded tourist destination in the last month, while internationally it has been Japan, Marrakech, Porto and Greece, all belonging to the category of package holidays, according to the offers and discounts platform Chollometro, which ensures that searching at the right time and at the right time can mean significant savings when it comes to finding cheap travel deals.

Summer is just around the corner and many are already thinking about taking a trip to make the most of their holidays. The current economic situation, with inflation soaring, makes it increasingly necessary to find affordable options for a getaway.

After the end of the pandemic and despite the fact that prices have soared, foreign travel has recovered strongly for Spanish travellers. Thus, during the last month, international destinations have been the most searched for on the Chollometro website, with Japan at the top, followed by Marrakech, Porto and Greece.

On a national level, the island of Fuerteventura is the most searched for holiday destination, followed by other beach destinations such as Lanzarote, Cadiz, Ibiza and Mallorca, in order of searches.

In order for users to find the perfect trip in the easiest and most affordable way, online search experts have shared some tips to find the cheapest trips for next summer.

The first recommendation would be to look for a trip when there is less demand. Searching for transport and holiday accommodation on the right day and at the right time can save up to 10%.

Travel agencies and web search engines raise their prices when there is more demand. For this reason, it is recommended not to start your search during the weekend, as this is the time when most people use these websites. As for the time of day, it is recommended to make the purchase in the afternoon, which is also when there is less traffic on the web.

In terms of prices, the time of year when the purchase is made also has an influence, with December and January being the most recommended months to look for cheap trips, especially abroad, as during the Christmas season travellers’ wishes are focused on local trips to enjoy the festive season.

Experts also recommend changing your VPN. Many websites change their prices depending on where you are looking for travel. For this reason, using a programme that changes the VPN can help you find the cheapest prices.

These specialised programmes allow you to change the location and encrypt the search data. Thus, if you search for a trip using the VPN of a lower-income country, you can find much cheaper trips. Similarly, deleting cookies and search history prevents search engines from picking up that you are repeating a search and driving up prices.

It is also recommended to compare options and search on bargain platforms. Searching for a trip in advance increases the chances of finding a cheap option, especially if you want to travel to a distant country. Therefore, comparing on various websites will allow you to plan your holiday better and get the cheapest option.


Although the inflationary economic situation can be a barrier when looking for a holiday destination for the summer, with these tips it will be easier to find a cheaper option to enjoy the holidays without overcharging.

It is also useful to rely on the opinions of other holidaymakers. Knowing communities of loyal shoppers who share and comment on the best deals, also multiplies considerably the chances of finding the most affordable trip in various products and holiday experiences”.

In addition, the platforms are responsible for checking that the options and opinions shared by users are reliable, thus ensuring that users can find the best deals and do not suffer fraud.

Finally, it is recommended to use package holidays. Travel search engines and online agencies often offer package holidays that include flight plus accommodation. Sometimes these packages also include full board or even activities.

Opting for this option can help save money when planning a trip, as the agencies get special prices. In fact, the top ten most popular travel deals on Chollometro in March were package holiday deals.

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