HiperDino analyses the needs and challenges of its suppliers to promote sustainability

For the first time, the supermarket group HiperDino is carrying out a study with the ultimate goal of coordinating and collaborating in the implementation of new measures in he field of sustainability.

In line with its commitment to promoting environmentally friendly measures and nd in accordance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, HiperDino has conducted a study to find out the necessities and challenges faced by its suppliers in terms of sustainability.

This research, in which participated a representation of 18 supplier companies from 15 product categories, delves into the current needs that directly and indirectly affect suppliers when it comes to incorporating sustainable practices, as well as their perception of the new sustainability requirements in their sector and the changes that will be most relevant for their activity.

It also recognises specific plans and actions, especially related to the Waste and Contaminated Soil Act, and the identification of key aspects to work on that can have a positive impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With the preparation of this study, HiperDino’s Sustainability Department seeks to highlight the efforts of its suppliers; to learn about the concerns and challenges they face, especially in relation to new requirements and regulations; to share good practices, and to collaborate to achieve common objectives.

This first edition will be followed by others to give more and more suppliers who collaborate with the chain the opportunity to participate.

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