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The Tenerife Tramway has had more than 5 million passengers so far this year

In the month of March the number of tramway users in Tenerife was close to two million, which is the highest demand in the 16 years of tram service.

The Tenerife Tramway closed the first quarter of the year by far exceeding the number of passengers in the previous year. From January to March the number of passengers reached 5,160,371, which represents a percentage increase of 49.6% compared to 2022 (3,449,939). Consequently, the average demand on working days has also experienced a progressive increase, reaching more than 73,400 daily users in March.

In this way, the Tramway accumulates three consecutive months of growth in demand. While in January and February the number of passengers exceeded 1,600,000, it was in March when the highest demand in the 16 years of light rail service was recorded, reaching 1,928,111 passengers. The free travel cards have boosted the use of the tram and, in fact, just over 80% of validations in March were made with this type of free ticket, the most widely used being the Youth Pass and Canary Islands Resident Pass, which exceeded 730,000 and 680,000 validations respectively. Of the total number of journeys made in March, approximately 26% were made using the ten+móvil app.

Looking at the evolution of demand throughout this first quarter, the average number of passengers on a working day was 65,281 in January, 71,482 in February and 73,413 in March. So far this year, the highest demand was recorded on 14 February with 79,852 passengers.

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