The Tourism Municipalities of the Canary Islands launch the “Canary Green” project

"Green Canary" project launched by Association of Tourist Municipalities of the Canary Islands (AMTC) is supported with eight million euros from the Next Generation Funds.

The Association of Tourist Municipalities of the Canary Islands (AMTC) is launching the project “Decarbonisation of the destination. Canary Green”, endowed with eight million euros from the Next Generation Funds. This is a new step towards making a project that has long been pursued by the AMTC and which forms part of the Tourism Sustainability Plans for Destinations a reality.

The AMTC held its last Assembly of the current term of office in Mogán on Tuesday, where it reported on the launch of the ‘Canary Green’ project, which will bring significant benefits to the 13 destinations, contributing to their transformation and modernisation.

The project, which is currently out to tender, will be implemented along four lines of action (pillars). The first two of them will be implemented in a first phase through pilot projects in several municipalities, so that in phase 2 the implementation could be expanded to include the rest of the destinations. The other two pillars will be transversal and will be applied in all municipalities at the same time.

PIllar 1 is the green and sustainable transition, pillar 2 is the improvement of energy efficiency, pillar 3 will be the digital transition and pillar 4 will be competitiveness, thus responding to the demands of institutions, residents, tourists and businesses.

The Assembly held in Mogán took the opportunity to take stock of the work carried out in the last four years. The El Mocán Cultural Centre was the chosen venue for this meeting to close the term of office.

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, in an appearance before the media prior to the Assembly, explained that “four unique years are behind us, a period that began with the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, which was nothing compared to what came afterwards, with the pandemic and the zero tourism”.

“The Association has made progress as a body for dialogue. We have experienced a period of good harmony with the Ministry, which is a novelty. A line has been opened with the destinations,” added the president of the AMTC and mayor of Adeje.

“We have made progress in generating tourism awareness. This activity is the economic engine of the Canary Islands and we must take care of tourism. Assuming that we are a sun and beach destination, then giving it added value. We want the wealth of tourism to reach our people as well,” said Rodríguez Fraga at another point.

In relation to objectives still to be achieved, the president explained that “we are still working on the financing of tourist municipalities. We must continue to advance along this path. The definition of a tourist municipality is still pending”.

“The union of the AMTC is one of our strengths and must continue to be so if we want to move forward,” added José Miguel Rodríguez.

Onalia Bueno, mayoress of Mogán and vice-president of the AMTC, spoke about the problems surrounding the application of the Tourism Law, pointing out that “we are in favour of changing it in the next legislature, always through dialogue, listening to all parties”.

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