Santa Cruz hosts the preview of ‘Fatum’ with Tenerife actor Álex García

The Victor Cinema in Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosted the preview of "Fatum", which was attended by the Tenerife-born actor Alex Garcia and the director of the film, Juan Galiñanes.

Tenerife actor Álex García presented this Friday ‘Fatum‘, the “emotional thriller” directed by Juan Galiñanes, which deals with “deep emotions”, addictions and relationships between parents and children.

Produced by Vaca Films, the film was previewed this Friday at the Víctor cinema in the capital of Tenerife, a “talismanic” space where García premiered his first play 20 years ago.

‘Fatum’ is an action film that will be released on 28 April in cinemas throughout Spain and tells the story of Sergio, played by Luis Tosar, who is dealing with a gambling addiction when he receives a tip-off about the alleged rigging of a football match, while Alex García, a GEOS sniper, has to deal with a complicated family situation.

García stars in this feature film from Universal Pictures alongside actress Elena Anaya, with the participation of Playtime, Amazon, RTVE, TVG, Canal +, Cine+ and with funding from ACAA and Agadic.

The film marks the directorial debut of Juan Galiñanes, who had previously worked as second unit director on “Quien a hierro mata” and “A Estiba”, and in the editing of other Vaca Films productions such as “La Unidad”, “Hierro”, “El desorden que dejas”.

In addition to being the director, Galiñanes is the scriptwriter of this film and has highlighted “the affection and meticulousness with which Álex took on the character”, an aspect that, he said, made it easier for the interpretation to go beyond “the easy and the obvious”.

Producer Emma Lustres assured that the feature film “has a stomach” because “it speaks of deep emotions” such as “love for your children”, although, she said, “it is a pro-life film, with an optimistic ending”.

“Those who are looking for a thriller will be happy; those who don’t like the genre, too”, said Galiñanes, when he clarified that the important part of this film production is in the story, and “more specifically in what you would be willing to do for your children”.

For the director, ‘Fatum’ is entertainment but also seeks a social background through the visibility of social problems such as sports betting addictions, played by Luis Tosar (Sergio).

The mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, also spoke to express “the pride of Tenerife” in Álex García, and also took the opportunity to show the council’s support for future film proposals in the sector.

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