The best cheeses of Tenerife selected

The 10th Tenerife Cheese Competition "Pinolere 2023" has named the best cheese on the island.

The 10th Tenerife Cheese Competition “Pinolere 2023” has named the cured cheeses made from pasteurised goat’s milk from the Benijos cheese factory in La Orotava, and the fresh cheese made from raw goat’s milk from the Cunygan cheese factory in Candelaria, as the winners of the competition held at the Island Council of Tenerife.

A total of 34 distinctions were awarded in this competition, which seeks to highlight the effort and dedication of the Tenerife’s livestock farmers and cheese makers, support local livestock farming and promote the consumption of quality, sustainable and local products,.

The competition saw the participation of 69 cheeses from 26 cheese dairies located in 21 municipalities, which competed in 10 categories divided into raw and pasteurised milk cheeses, as well as a category of non-traditional cheeses. A team of 19 tasters and gourmets evaluated the cheeses on the basis of their external appearance, the appearance of the cut and their olfactory and gustatory characteristics.

The category with the highest number of cheeses submitted was fresh cheeses made from raw milk, with its northern and southern varieties. In addition to the big winners, 12 gold, 11 silver and 8 bronze medals were awarded.

The competition was organised by the Pinolere Cultural Association, the Island Council of Tenerife and the Association of Artisan Cheese Producers of Tenerife (APQAT), with the collaboration of the Tenerife Rural Foundation, the Tenerife Wine House and the Canary Islands Institute of Agri-food Quality (ICCA). The awards ceremony was attended by local authorities and representatives of the award-winning cheese dairies.

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