Two islands in the Canaries, among the best destinations for travelling with small children

Tenerife and Lanzarote are among the 10 most kid-friendly places in the world, as announced by British Airways upon an analysis of the respective travellers' comments on Tripadvisor.

The Canary Islands are sweeping the board as a tourist destination, ranking among the favourite destinations for the British market. In addition to this preference, two of the islands have now made it into the top 10 for travelling with children.

Research carried out by British Airways has placed Tenerife and Lanzarote among the top 10 most child-friendly destinations in the world. The airline has analysed more than 200,000 reviews posted on Tripadvisor by British parents who have gone on holiday with their children in the last year.

After searching the opinions of parents who specifically mentioned their experiences in restaurants, hotels and local activities, Tenerife is ranked sixth in the top 10, reaching a score of 70.5. It is the highest rated destination in Spain.

69.1% of opinions consider the island to have the best restaurants to dine with their young children during their stay, 48% rate it as the best destination for tourist attractions to go to with the youngest members of the family.

In addition, many parents travel to Tenerife for its beaches, but also highlight that there are activities for the whole family, such as the Teide National Park or Aqualand.

Lanzarote was ranked eighth on the list with 60 points, the second Canary Island to appear in the top 10. Among the reviews, recommendations for its golden, white and black sand beaches stand out. Parents also make special mention of the Pardelas Park, which includes a farm area and photo-ready mountain views.

The Canary Islands continue to be one of the favourite and most sought-after destinations for British travellers.

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