The Canary Islands Tourism promote the archipelago through digital content producers

The different types of videos such as reels and stories, recorded in 4K vertical format for mobile phone users, are focused on the tourist services, activities and experiences offered by the Canary Islands as a destination.

The Canary Islands Tourism will promote the archipelago on social networks through the audiovisual productions of seven well-known digital content creators, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade.

Thus, the videos have been recorded in 4K vertical format for ‘reels’, ‘stories’ and all kinds of video content consumable via mobile phone, with locations on the eight islands and with the aim of promoting tourism services, activities and experiences offered by the destination.

The audiovisual productions are yet another example of the commitment to digitalisation as the backbone of communication that Turismo de Canarias has been making for some time now. Moreover, the production is more diverse than ever as it covers all types of profiles and realities, from couples to families with children or groups of friends, and is dedicated to highlighting places, experiences, activities and services focused on leisure, culture, the coast and nature.

For its part, one of the most significant novelties is that two ‘reels’ have been filmed starring people with reduced mobility, the first on the path of Las Hiedras, in Tenerife, and the second on the beach of Las Canteras, in Gran Canaria, where the Red Cross provided support for the use of the amphibious chairs that appear in the video.

Similarly, the pieces incorporate sustainability, an essential part of the Canary Islands brand discourse and one that is becoming increasingly important among Europeans when planning and experiencing travel. For this reason, sustainable tourism is introduced as an interesting and inspiring concept in the productions, which raise awareness of the most environmentally friendly options when travelling to the Canary Islands among those profiles most sensitive to this issue.

Among the content creators who will bring the Canary Islands brand’s Instagram and Facebook ‘reels’ to life throughout 2023 is Jordi.Koalitic, the photographic project formed by brothers Jordi and Arnau Puig, specialising in video tutorials, selected by Forbes magazine as ‘Best influencer creativity in 2022’ and which has an audience of 5.7 million followers on Instagram and 19.5 million on TikTok.

The initiative includes Saúl Santos, a landscape artist from La Palma, with 113,000 followers; Dansu, a video creator from Gran Canaria with 107,000 followers; Just Two Travel, a family specialising in filming travel diaries, with 84,700 followers; Gustavo Karlsson, a family specialising in filming travel diaries, with 84,700 followers; and Gustavo Karlsson, a video creator from the island of Gran Canaria with 107,000 followers. 700 followers; Gustavo Karlsson, focused on aerial shots, with 71,200 followers; Helena Palau, a content creator specialising in filming attractive transitions using only her mobile phone, with 62,600 followers; and, finally, Mireia Foodie, focused on videos of gastronomic experiences, with 29,800 followers.

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