El Hierro Island on the New York Times list of 52 destinations committed to sustainability

This ranking, compiled by the prestigious US newspaper, the New York Times, highlights places that are ideal for promoting more sustainable tourism, among them El Hierro.

The New York Times has published its annual list of the 52 places that will change the world (52 Places for a Changed World), little known destinations where there is no excess of visitors and ideal to promote a more sustainable tourism. Spain has been included with two paradises: El Hierro and the Cíes Islands.

El Hierro, one of the westernmost and at the same time southernmost islands of the Canary Islands, stands out for its renewable energy company, Gorona del Viento El Hierro. This company supplies the whole island with electricity from renewable sources such as water and wind. In addition, the island has unique landscapes and ecosystems, perfect for rest and relaxation.

The Cíes Islands, meanwhile, are renowned for the protection of their biodiversity and the restrictions on hotel construction. In high season, visits are limited and controlled, which makes this place a pollution-free environment and hardly affected by human action.

The island of the Cíes is very popular with tourists during the day, but those who have visited at night say it is a real spectacle. There are three options for enjoying the views: at sunset, in the early morning and at dawn.

With this list, The New York Times seeks to promote more sustainable tourism that respects the environment and local communities. It is a good opportunity to discover lesser-known places and support sustainable and responsible initiatives.


Among the main attractions of El Hierro are its volcanic landscapes, with impressive rock formations that have been shaped by volcanic activity over the centuries. It is also possible to find a large number of natural viewpoints from where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

The island has numerous nature reserves, such as the El Hierro Biosphere Reserve Nature Park, where you can enjoy a wide variety of endemic flora and fauna, such as the giant lizard of El Hierro. It is also possible to find spectacular laurel forests and beautiful trails.

The island is culturally rich, with festivals and traditions that have been maintained over the centuries. Among them is the Bajada de la Virgen de los Reyes, a procession that takes place every four years and is considered one of the most important festivals in the Canary Islands.

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