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Free public transport in the Canary Islands results in record passenger traffic

In the month of March, the public transport in the Canary Islands registered a total of 7.6 million passengers.

In March, the Canary Islands set a new record for bus and tram passengers, reaching a total of 7.6 million people. This monthly figure is the highest recorded since data collection began in 1996.

The Canary Islands Statistics Institute (ISTAC) reported that the annual variation rate was 48.3%, the highest of all regions in Spain. This is mainly attributed to the free public transport for frequent travellers, which came into effect in January and has had a significant impact.

In January, there were 6.3 million passengers, while in February the figure was 6.2 million. In comparison with other autonomous communities, the Canary Islands have more public transport users than Galicia (5.3 million) and Castile and Leon (6.2 million), and are close to the Basque Country (7.9 million).

However, the regions with the highest number of users are the Community of Madrid (46.7 million), Catalonia (27.5 million) and Andalusia (20.6 million), topping the list at national level.

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