Holiday rentals in the Canary Islands are the cheapest in Spain

According to the Holidy portal, the average price of the holiday homes in the Canary Islands is 104 euros, the lowest in Spain.

Spain has an average occupancy rate of 82% in its holiday homes for this coming summer, with prices averaging 172 euros, according to data from the Holidu holiday rental and flat portal. Holidu states that holiday homes in the Canary Islands, together with those in Extremadura and Galicia, are the cheapest for these coming holidays. In the case of the archipelago, it is the cheapest with an average price of 104 euros/night.

Holiday flats are positioned as one of the main accommodation options for Spanish holidaymakers looking for anything from a luxurious villa with a private pool to a small flat in the city centre.

According to data from the Holidu study, Spain currently has an occupancy rate of 82% for next summer with an average price of around 172 euros per night, which is 13% more expensive than the previous summer for the same dates.

The high demand for this type of accommodation coincides with the results of Holidu’s latest survey of 2,471 holiday home owners, in which 52% of Spanish owners expected more bookings than last year and 48% of owners said they expected a price increase this year.


The Canary Islands, Extremadura and Galicia offer the best prices for their holiday homes this year, according to the holiday rental portal. Thus, the Canary Islands are positioned as the most convenient Spanish tourist destination of the season with a price that reaches 104 euros per night. In second place, with a similar holiday rental cost are the regions of Extremadura and Galicia at around 105 euros per night.

In the same price range, a night on the beaches of Murcia can cost an average of 110 euros per night, while in mountainous destinations such as Asturias and Castilla y León, prices can reach 114 and 115 euros respectively.

In the rest of the Spanish regions, prices are very varied, although most of them do not exceed 150 euros: La Rioja (119 euros), Aragon and Cantabria (120 euros), Navarre (121 euros) per night. Castilla-La Mancha (131 euros), Comunidad Valenciana (134 euros) and Andalusia (141 euros) per night.

Among the highest prices is Catalonia with an average price of 161 euros, the Basque Country 178 euros and the Community of Madrid with an average price of 180 euros per night. Finally, and for the second consecutive year, the Balearic archipelago is the most expensive Spanish tourist destination to rent a holiday home, where the average stay is around 253 euros per night for the summer season.


Among the most booked destinations for this summer, the regions of Catalonia and Valencia stand out with 88% occupancy, followed by the Community of Madrid and the Balearic Islands where the average occupancy rate is around 87% to date.

Other destinations such as Andalusia, the Basque Country, Castile-La Mancha and Castile and Leon are currently at 85% occupancy. Cantabria is at 82% and the Canary Islands at 80% occupancy for the coming summer months.

The Spanish archipelagos are once again one of the favourite destinations for national and international travellers. When it comes to the most popular islands, Menorca leads the occupancy rate, reaching 86%, followed by Mallorca and Ibiza with 85% and 83% occupancy respectively.

With slightly more availability the Canary Islands are also an interesting option. Tenerife and La Palma are currently at 80% occupancy, Gran Canaria at 79% and Fuerteventura has 77% of its holiday homes occupied.

Among the Canary Island destinations, El Hierro and La Gomera stand out, where the price is around 90 euros per night for a holiday rental, La Palma for 91 euros, Fuerteventura for 93 euros, Tenerife for 95 euros, Gran Canaria for 107 euros and Lanzarote for 113 euros.

Although their prices are slightly higher than in other regions, the Balearic destinations are also among the favourites of Spaniards. It is possible to stay in Menorca for an average price of 139 euros per night, in Formentera for 167 euros, in Mallorca for 176 euros and with a slightly higher price Ibiza can cost up to 306 euros per night.

The majority of holiday homes booked on the Holidu portal, 66%, were made by travellers from Spain, which confirms the trend that has been detected in the increase in local travel.

However, in recent years there has been an increase in bookings from neighbouring countries. Thus, Germany with 12%, France with 8% and, lastly, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom with 4% of bookings, are among the European countries with the greatest tendency to visit Spain.

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