Holidays in the Canary Islands now 22% more expensive

The average daily price for hotel accommodation on the Canary Islands is 124.67 euros.

In April, hotel prices in the Canary Islands experienced an increase of 4.20% compared to 2022, coinciding with Easter Week. This puts the average daily rate (ADR) on the islands at 124.67 euros, 22.23% above pre-pandemic levels.

In Spain as a whole, the hotel sector has experienced 23 consecutive months of rate increases, reaching an average daily rate of 104.9 euros in April, an increase of 26% compared to April 2019.

According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), between January and April this year, 81.1 million nights spent in hotels were recorded, 28 million of them in the month of April.

Non-resident travellers preferred the Canary Islands, with 27.5% of the total number of overnight stays, followed by Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, where they accounted for around 18% of travellers in each case.

The Canary Islands had the highest occupancy rate by bedplaces during April (70.3 %), a percentage which increased to 75.2 % in the south of Tenerife, followed by the Balearic Islands, with 68.1 %. Meanwhile, Barcelona achieved the highest weekend occupancy rate (79.8%).

José Luis Zoreda, executive vice-president of the Exceltur tourism alliance, commented that the increase in prices is the result of the changes in consumer trends observed after the pandemic, where travel takes first place, as well as the increase in the quality of the hotel offer.

In addition, he believes that this increase in rates can contribute to strengthening the solvency of hotel companies, which were heavily indebted after the pandemic.

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