Iberia incorporates the option of paying for a ticket in several instalments

Iberia now offers passengers an option to pay for a ticket in several payments.

Iberia has incorporated, along with Iberia Cards, a new financing system so that its customers can pay for their flights in instalments through a method of payment in instalments. It is the first Spanish airline to implement this payment option, according to the company’s statement.

Travellers purchasing flights through will be able to finance purchases of up to 10,000 euros. Payment in instalments will allow Iberia passengers to divide the total cost of their tickets in instalments over the selected period (3, 6, 9 or 12 months).

This solution will integrate several financing providers. The service is offered through the intermediary of the financial subsidiary Iberia Cards and, at present, it is offered by seQura and Aplazame, although new providers are being considered to extend the financing offer.

For the time being, this new BNPL instalment payment method is available in Spain and, in the future, it is expected to be extended to other countries such as Italy, France, Germany and Belgium.

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