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Tenerife Ports have their strategic plan up to 2027 approved

The Strategic Plan 2023-2027 of Tenerife Ports contains business development, competitiveness and sustainability strategies and sets the guidelines for sustainable growth over time for the ports of the western province.

The Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife now has its Strategic Plan 2023-2027, a document which, based on the strategic lines of business development, competitiveness and sustainability, sets the guidelines for sustainable growth over time for the ports of the western province.

Under the premise of continuing to contribute value to society and generate opportunities for growth in the immediate future, this ‘road map’ establishes for business development actions such as the attraction of new traffic in the field of bunkering, ship repair, container transhipment and the blue economy.

In the field of competitiveness, the aim is to optimise the quality of the services provided and the development of a ‘Smart port’ platform, covering environmental, social, institutional and economic aspects of sustainability.

On this last point, the need for the State to assume the budget for the high bonuses for inter-island traffic that Puertos de Tenerife currently supports, to a large extent, with its own resources, representing a loss of around 23 million euros that could be invested in the development and improvement of its services and infrastructures, is insisted upon.

This strategic plan, recently agreed at the Board of Directors last Wednesday, was presented last Friday by the president of Ports of Tenerife, Carlos González, and the director of the port body, Javier Mora, to the workers of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The lines, aligned with the Strategic Framework of Puertos del Estado, are in turn structured into thirteen action objectives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These include the concept of a port that is customer-oriented, reliable and connected to smart digital infrastructures, social, innovative, safe and inclusive.

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